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…your eyes and think of your team. How many of your employees are a pleasure to work with – get involved, take the initiative, take responsibility, see today what will be needed tomorrow and master challenges reliably with bravura?

How many of your employees do not attract your attention – neither positively nor negatively? And, how many of your employees do you experience as slowing down or even preventing – slowing down, complicating and also depressing the mood?

According to relevant studies, in European companies on average only about 15% belong to the first group – to those who are happy and …, about 70% to the second and about 15% to the third group.

And how do you see this for your company?

A small calculation: for a company with 500 employees, an average of €50,000 in personnel costs per employee and the assumption that the second group uses only about 60% of its potential and the third about 40% of its potential and talents, these unused potentials (this “waste”) cost about €9,200,000 per year. And these are only the personnel costs!

Our promise: With our savid system for recruiting, personnel development and training and we make sure that the share of the first group in your company grows continuously – your employees develop their talents, unfold their potential and turn it into measurable value for themselves and your company. And you: developing a little more joy and serenity every day. In knowledge: We are at your side – in every challenge, no matter how great.

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